Monday, January 24, 2011

NCS Reuben Awards

My friend Chad Frye sent this information to me and I'm happy to pass it along. It's about submitting your work to the National Cartoonists Society for consideration for their annual Reuben Awards. Apparently this isn't common knowledge among our Guild members. When you go to the NCS website you'll find plenty to read in addition to the information you'll need to submit your work.

Here's what Chad sent. Check it out. My apologies for the short notice, but there's still plenty of time to submit if you hurry.

Each year since 1946, the National Cartoonists Society (NCS) has held their annual Reuben Awards named after the award's founder and designer, Rube Goldberg. A professional cartoonist organization created on a foundation of newspaper comic strip cartoonists, today's NCS welcomes with open arms professionals from all genres of cartooning which is reflected in its annual awards.

If you are interested in entering any of the Division Awards the NCS is offering, please visit the NCS website where you can read all the rules and download the needed entry forms before the deadline of February 6.

While the guidelines for the animation division indicate you are to send in a reel, please note that only applies to actual animators. Folks who do visual development, storyboards, character design, background painting, and any other of the artistic production work may send in still samples from projects released during the 2010 calendar year.

Previous winners in these categories include folks like Chen Yi Chang, Nicolas Marlet, Chuck Jones, Glen Keane, David Silverman, Eric Goldberg, Joe Grant, Nick Park, Bruce Timm, and Stephen Silver to name a few. Even Walt Disney himself won his first time back in 1957. Here's the the list of previous winners.

So, get those samples together and send in your submissions before February 6! Good luck!


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