Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Kevin Lima: Still One Foot in Animation

Kevin Lima cut his eye teeth in feature animation, then branched out into live-action (as did other animators before him.) Although he mostly lives in the live-action universe these days, he's still keeping his drawing hand in:

"Enchanted" director Kevin Lima and scribe David Sussman have sold an untitled pitch to Sony Pictures Animation.

Described as a hybrid live-action and CGI feature in the vein of "Alice in Wonderland," the project was originated by art director Michael Kurinsky and in development before Lima and Sussman were brought aboard.

Sussman on to pen the script and Lima to helm and produce. ...

Hope it gets green-lit for production. We can always use more animation.


Unknown said...

huge favor -- could you correct spelling of Mike Kurinsky's name. The mistake was ours but would love to see it made right. Thanks.

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