Thursday, January 06, 2011

You Can't Keep a Good Andy Down

Earlier today, this bit of news caught my eye:

... [S]ignaling India's growing presence in Hollywood, the visual effects and engineering division of Indian conglomerate Tata is buying a majority share in a Los Angeles-based kids' animation firm.

Tata Elxsi, which a year ago opened a visual effects studio in Santa Monica, has reached an agreement to acquire a 51% stake in A Squared Entertainment ... "We're really trying to create an animation studio of the 21st Century,''' said children's entertainment veteran Andy Heyward, co-president of A Squared Entertainment. "The advantage for us is to have the very best of the Hollywood entertainment community and be able to produce the animation in a very low-cost, skilled environment ...

"Low cost" and "skilled" don't usually go together in a single sentence, but this is Andy Heyward talking, friends and neighbors, the long-time kingpin of DIC Entertainment, which wasn't well known for tip-top quality (although it had a towering reputation for low industry wages.)

But we're thrilled that Andy H. is back in the game. We can start working to organize his newer company. (We got halfway there the last time, this time we'll go all the way to a signed contract.)


Anonymous said...

andy heyward = DIC = done in china
quality and this individual are not in the same sentence

Anonymous said...

a scumbag second only to jean chalopin.

Bronnie said...

D I C.. always stood for DO IT CHEAP.

Anonymous said...

Its amazing that he always went home alive.

Anonymous said...

Does he still wear that electronic ankle bracelet?

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