Sunday, November 18, 2012

Animation in Foreign Lands

The newest vampire movie has big-footed a lot of the competition in foreign markets. Still in all ...

... Hotel Transylvania grossed $7.8 million at 4,435 sites in 57 markets. The title’s foreign gross total stands at $140.3 million.

Wreck-It Ralph dipped to $4.8 million overseas its third round in 18 territories, and lifting its foreign gross total to $35.7 million. Worldwide take stands at $157.2 million.

... Rise of the Guardians opened at some 7,500 situations in China and bagged $3.1 million. ...

Attending a screening of Wreck-It-Ralph this weekend, I realized there are a LOT of animated features rolling down the parkway. The first five trailers were: The next Smurfs installment, then Despicable Me 2, then a Weinstein feature (about aliens), and lastly some cheap-jack animated feature about time-travelling kids going back to prehistoric times (spouting really bad dialogue.)

After that, there was an unspooling of the Sam Mendes-James Franco Oz trailer, with lots of little CG characters.

Some worldwide grosses of recent cartoons:

Global Grosses

Madagascar 3 -- $737,591,482
Hotel Transylvania -- $283,000,000


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