Monday, November 05, 2012

Ralph Wrecks It

With a final tally of $49.1 million, Wreck-It Ralph officially racks up the biggest opening weekend ever for a non-Pixar Disney animated film.

Hurricane Sandy may actually have had a positive effect on Ralph's box office. The Christian Science Monitor quotes Disney distribution head Dave Hollis:
Wreck-It Ralph became something of a distraction and an opportunity for families to do something separate of the storm ... Schools being shut down on Friday also played a role as parents were looking for things to entertain the kids and keep them out of the cold.


Unknown said...

I'm glad Ralph topped the box office, but 50 million doesn't sound fantastic to me, especially when lesser animated films this year opened to higher numbers.

Mark Taylor said...

50 Million for a animation movie sounds pretty good for first week . i am sure it will cross the numbers , but as opening i feel its good numbers

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