Thursday, November 22, 2012

Turkey Day Links

I won't be hovering over a keyboard much of today, so ... here's some linkage.

Matt Groening gets another award.

The voice of "Crusader Rabbit" remembered. (A woman named Bliss.)

Blue Sky Studio's new direction. (It isn't moving to another state.)

Look Ma! An animation article stating the obvious

Guillermo del Toro talks about "Rise of the Guardians."

Tom Hanks on playing Walt Disney. (But ... no smoking?!)

What I'm thankful for during this kick-off of the holiday season is that animation work continues to thrive in Los Angeles, even as live-action features and televisin series leave town chasing tax incentives.

Disney, DreamWorks and other signator studios hum along, and animated features and t.v. episodics continue to make our fine, entertainment conglomerates lots of money. So they continue to employ lots of animation artists. Many of the long-term gigs of the 1990s are gone, but the work is still here.

For that sizable blessing, we should give thanks.

Happy Turkey Day. Joyous Holidays.


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