Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Feature Pick Up

The elephant movie lives!

Beijing Galloping Horse won the bid for the animated film "The Legend of Tembo" Wednesday pending court approval, former Digital Domain Media Group CEO John Textor confirmed. ... It's uncertain whether it will want to use Port St. Lucie's $40 million animation studio — built for now-bankrupt Digital Domain Media Group — to finish the film.

It's also unclear who will work on the film. ... Some crew members for the movie are still living on the Treasure Coast, including co-producer and co-director Chuck Williams. ...

Port St. Lucie is still gathering information before determining what to do with the publicly funded Tradition animation studio. ...

It's nice to see that the animation part of Digital Domain hasn't been orphaned, but has a new parent. Whether Tembo ever gets made or not, that's another story.


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