Wednesday, November 21, 2012

In and Around the Hat

After a month away, yesterday I was back in the Walt Disney Animation Studios' hat building on picturesque Riverside Drive ...

Some of the things happening:

* John Lasseter was down from the north country, reviewing sequences for the next feature, some of the shorts that are in work, and various other projects.

* Some of the hand-drawn crew are working on a real interesting short* that will (I'm told) be out with Frozen next year.

* Frozen hasn't gotten into high gear yet. Story work is still being done and animation hasn't yet shifted into third gear. (So it's gonna have the same petal-to-the-metal production schedule that Ralph did.)

* Staffers tell me the studio is rejiggering its production pipeline.

As I write, Wreck-It Ralph charging along at the box office, with a domestic cume of $123.7 million as of Monday. Reviews have been strong, and as Den of Geek's Brett Nachman relates:

[Ralph]is the type of movie that begs for a sequel, and even more, a theme park attraction. Disney should be dreaming of all of the possibilities in how they can utilize these characters.

Strange thing. Scuttlebutt in and around the hat is that there will be a sequel. Makes sense to me, given the feature's on-going results.

* Something old and something new. And I'm keeping my yap shut about it. So don't ask.


Anonymous said...

Is Big Hero 6 coming along? How about Ron & John's flick? Will it be the next one in line?

Steve Hulett said...

They're both in development. Which of themfollows "Frozen," I donno. But I have my suspicions.

Anonymous said...

So they're moving forward with a Wreck-it Ralph sequel.

How about a sequel to Tangled? I heard there had been talks.

Anonymous said...

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Unknown said...

The Little Mermaid was a film that was begging for a sequel as well as a theme park attraction. It took over ten years for the inferior direct-to-video sequel, and nearly 20 years for the ride.

Priorities really change when you're in Camp Lasseter.

Anonymous said...

What on earth are you talking about? Who wanted a sequel to The Little Mermaid? Neither the premise nor the ending really allowed for it, the story was done and there was nothing much to be done with it. Seems such a silly thing to be bashing Lasseter for.

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