Friday, November 16, 2012

Jobs Lost

It isn't in animation, mi amigos, but live action.

The film and television industry in Los Angeles County has lost more than 16,000 jobs since 2004, mostly due to work migrating out of state ....

Last year, the film and television business generated 102,100 jobs in the county, down 14% from its peak of 118,200 jobs in 2004, according to a study released Friday by the Los Angeles County Economic Development Corp.

During the same period, L.A.'s share of overall jobs in the motion picture and video category fell to 51% from 60%. (The figures exclude employment in the music and post-production industries.)

Tax rebates are a compelling magnet, and jobs have been flying out of L.A. County to Canada, North Carolina, Michigan.

Because the dynamics of the work are different, animation employment has risen over the last several years.

It's always useful to have jobs that are less transferable to various points of the compass.


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