Friday, November 23, 2012

Museum Pieces

Interesting what low-information can do.

The show “ ‘Ice Age’ to the Digital Age: The 3D Animation Art of Blue Sky Studios,” arrived at the Katonah Museum of Art here in September, and since then, Chris Wedge, one of the studio’s founders and its creative director, has been on hand a few times to give talks and tours. ...

“A lot of times people come in and they’re thinking an animated movie is something that someone took a camera and shot, and then it just landed on your screen,” he said. “Because that’s what it looks like.” ...

I doubt that there are many computer-savvy sixteen-year-olds think that CG animation is "shot with a camera."

But maybe their younger siblings. Or parents.


Chris Sobieniak said...

Who knows at this point, I wouldn't want to say what percentage of the population out there really thinks that way about the matter, but you'd be surprised how in-the-dark some can be.

scott davidson said...

As an encouraging mum, if I can say so myself, I had a nice time recently with my two kids to decorate their room in our new house that we just moved into. There were lots of the children's art work, made at home and school, that we happily put on the wall.
Then we spent time together sitting in front of the iMac and looked through the big collection of digital images that had for their customers to select from and have printed as canvas prints. The kids together chose this painting for their room, Ivan Horse by Edmund Dulac,, that we ordered online to have delivered to our new house.

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