Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Big Bucks

Here are some eye-popping stats:


The Box office revenue of films directed by alumni of CalArts' Character and Experimental Animation Programs (1985 - 2012) ...

There are two interactive charts at the link, and they are pretty impressive. Picture by picture, year by year, you can see the amounts of moolah that have been generated.

Think of it. One smallish school in Valencia, aided and abetted by the House of Mouse (particularly in its early days) has helped to create massive amounts of profits for our fine, entertainment conglomerates.

Makes you realize the importance of Training in the Arts, donnit?

Moving pictures are one of the United States' major exports, so in a very real way, California Institue of the Arts has been a major player in narrowing the nation's balance of payments.

Hat tip to Cal Arts grad Brian McEntee for bringing this to our attention.


Alan Krows said...

Awesome chart! And it's not even exhaustive. For example, most of Rob Minkoff's films besides The Lion King (the Stuart Littles, Haunted Mansion, etc.) aren't shown. Ka-ching, ka-ching, add 'em up...

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