Thursday, November 29, 2012

Female Helmer

Houston, we have progress:

Jennifer Lee has been chosen to co-direct, along with "Tarzan's" Chris Buck, Disney's upcoming animated 3D film "Frozen," the company said Thursday.

Lee was a co-writer on the recent animated film "Wreck-It Ralph." She also contributed to the "Frozen" screenplay. ...

This will be the first woman to helm (even if it's co-helm) a Disney theatrical animated feature.

Which is good. Women at the House of Mouse used to hold different positions.


Qindarka said...

Is is true that Jennifer Lee will be the primary director of the film and that Chris Buck was nearly sacked? Been hearing this from an insider from a forum who had also mentioned some weeks ago that the film was behind schedule. Any truth in this?

Also, were there problems with the story of production as a whole that led to the appointment of a new director?


David said...

As if he'd discuss that here even if he knew.

(roll eyes)

Steve Hulett said...

I honestly cannnot say what the internal dynamics of the production titled Frozen are.

I was told when I was last inside the hat building that there were still "story issues" on the feature, and that John Lasseter was down (on that particular day) to review sequences, also to look at other features in work. He was also looking at various shorts in development.

In other words, it was a typical Lasseter work-day in Burbank. He flies down from up north, he spends time at the studio, he bops over to Glendale to look at Imagineering projects or Disney Toon features, he drops the corporate car off and goes back to Northern California.

Once in a looong while I run into him and say "hi," but I really have no idea what his routine is beyond what I hear second or third hand. (In other words, I'm a union guy far out of the loop, picking up scuttlebutt like everybody else. Most of the scuttlebutt I keep to myself.)

As for Chris Buck and whether he was/is in danger of not being the picture's director, I have no idea and I haven't heard. Chris is an experienced and talented animation top-kick; I think that's why he's still on the feature.

Floyd Norman said...

Over thirty years ago we had story problems on "The Jungle Book." What else is new?

Some things have changed, however. We were never in any "danger" of having a female co-director.

Mesterius said...

Yeah, and "The Jungle Book" still has story problems. ;) Fortunately, the charm and entertainment value of the film overcomes most of them.

Ryan said...

Can you imagine what this comment section would be like if folks were still allowed to be anonymous? Holy crap.

Steve Hulett said...


Way Worse.

Unknown said...

This is good news. Female director, female lead characters. Now let's just hope John Lasseter doesn't kick Lee off due to "creative differences."

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