Sunday, November 25, 2012

Overseas Derby

The animation, it goes along good in foreign lands.

Sony Animation’s Hotel Transylvania grossed $5.5 million at 3,825 sites in 58 markets. The title’s foreign gross total stands at $147.9 million.

Wreck-It Ralph dipped to $2.1 million overseas in its fourth round -- lifting its foreign gross total to $41.2 million. Its worldwide take stands at $190.8 million.

Rise of the Guardians opened in eight markets, grossing $10 million from 3,869 cinemas and lifting its very early offshore cume to $13.5 million. ... It premiered No. 1 in Russia with $5.85 million elicited from some 800 locations. Guardians takes off in some 50 markets this week including Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Brazil, Mexico and South Korea. ...

Rise of the Guardians did less than smash business openeing stateside this weekend, but it had a stellar opening in Russia. Which could mean that foreign accumulations could be robust.

American animated features with America-centric elements seem to do less well in foreign lands. Wreck-It Ralph, for instance, has slowed down overseas even as its maintained its momentum stateside. After the holidays, we'll know more about total grosses and how big the different releases turned out to be.


Unknown said...

Can somebody please explain to me how "Wreck it Ralph"'s performance is considered exceptional by most individuals within the industry, with its worldwide total of 190.8 million, while the "Princess and the Frog" is viewed as a major disappointment, with its worldwide draw of almost 300 million?

TPATF only cost slightly over 100 million to make; Ralph's price tag was in the 120-150 range. Also, looking at previous Blue Sky/Pixar/Dreamworks efforts, CG animated toons typically make over half a billion dollars in their running. Ralph, while its theatrical run is not over, is still lagging.

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