Monday, November 19, 2012

DreamWorks Animation With Another Hit?

One of the analysts at Seeking Alpha thinks so.

... Rise of the Guardians could be the sleeper hit of the holiday season. The movie sees several marketable characters together in the same movie. Combining childhood heroes in a sort of Avengers style could create a hit for Dreamworks.

If you look further ahead to Christmas, there are no big animated or family releases the rest of 2012. Strong reviews or word of mouth could keep this movie in theaters for a long time and bring in large amounts of box office revenue ...

Guardians is slowly rolling out around the world, and so far the reviews have been solid. (A hopeful sign.)

I've watched this feature in small bits and pieces on various DWA computer screens. The action angle, the holiday angle, and the visual presentation points to big grosses, but you never know. Some pictures the public embraces and others it walks over.

But DreamWorks Animation has been on a roll of late, with one high-grosser following another. Guardians is a departure from the company's last few releases, and it isn't a sequel. In a couple of days, we'll see if the fresh elements and audience goodwill toward DWA movies powers it to stellar grosses.


Celshader said...

I saw Rise of the Guardians at a VES screening last Saturday and enjoyed it. I hope it does well this holiday weekend.

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