Monday, November 26, 2012

Ralph Hulett's Christmas, Day 1

Another holiday season, another round of Ralph Hulett Christmas cards.

For those new to the blog, Ralph Hulett was business representative Steve Hulett's father. He worked at Disney Animation from 1938 (when it was on Hyperion) to 1974, when he passed away.

The senior Hulett painted backgrounds for Disney animated shorts and features from 1943 to 1974. From 1949 to the time of his death, he also painted Christmas card designs, of which the above is a specimen from the 1960s. (Hulett painted various types of cards: winter landscapes, "character" cards, and still lifes.)

As you can see, he used various kinds of paint.

Anyway, we're getting down to the last of the new images. Prolific as Mr. Hulett was, he painted only so many Christmas cards.


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