Friday, November 09, 2012

The Nassos Vakalis Interview -- Part II

TAG Interview with Nassos Vakalis
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Nassos Vakalis's first job in the animation industry was with the California studio of Bluth-Sullivan Animation. He started as an in-betweener while still attending classes at Cal Arts, but his strong work ethic propelled him rapidly upward. Starting as an assistant on Thumbelina, Nassos was soon promoted to journey animator. ...

The Bluth studio came to an end a few years later, but feature animation was expanding, and over the next few years Mr. Vakalis worked on a variety of projects. He was a lead animator on the featureSwan Princess and Warner Bros. QUest for Camelot, also animating on Pocahontas II, Titan A.E. and The King and I, among numerous others.

All these things and more are detailed in Part II of this week's interview.


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