Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Princess Prospers

Disney's success with princesses hasn't diminished.

... Sofia The First: Once Upon A Princess delivered 5.2 million total viewers on Disney Channel, becoming the top cable telecast of 2012 among kids 2-5 (1.5 million/9.1 rating) and girls 2-5 (954,000/12.2 rating). In fact, Sofia The First, which stirred controversy over the ethnicity of the lead character, ranked as the No. 1 cable TV telecast in five years in kids 2-5 (since Spongebob Atlantis Pantis on November 12, 2007) and in more than 10 years in girls 2-5 (Oswald on May 6, 2002). It now stands as Disney Channel’s No. 1 telecast ever among girls 2-5, its No. 2 telecast among kids 2-5 (behind High School Musical 2) and its No. 1 preschool telecast ever in total viewers, adults 18-49 and women 18-49. ...

Pre-production for Sofia the First goes on in the Yahoo building near the Burbank Airport. Work on the series has been going on for much of the year. (It's a CG show and demands on the artists are high.)

There's lot of musical numbers and lots of production. Also lots of demands for quality placed on the artists. Disney's had a goodly amount of production money riding on the project, so it must be a relief to the crew members to know that the maiden effort has paid off.

With luck and the right time slot, the series will be a long-term winner.


Tom Ruegger said...

Truly unprecedented numbers -- and for a property that is not a pre-sold title! "Sophia the First" looks like a winner.

Anonymous said...

Not a pre-sold title? It featured Cinderella and the three fairies from Sleeping Beauty.

I expected the series to do this well. The 'Latina' controversy got it more exposure, Disney characters made cameos, and generally little girls eat up anything that has to do with princesses.

Unknown said...

Gasp! You mean young girls watch cartoons??? One wouldn't think so, from the lack of animated cartoon characters/shows targeted to the young female demographic. On every television network, it's been boys, boys, boys.

Now it's time for Disney to capitalize on these good ratings. Continue what you have started.

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