Friday, November 09, 2012

Hotel Transylvania 2

Fresh off the internet, we hear that Sony Pictures Animation will be making a sequel to the popular and successful Hotel T:

Sony Pictures Animation will make a sequel to “Hotel Transylania,” one of the year's surprise hits, a spokesman for the studio told TheWrap.

Tentatively titled “Hotel Transylvania 2,” the film is set for a 2015 release. There is no director attached at the moment. Genndy Tartakovsky, who directed the first one, will be helming Sony Pictures Animation’s “Popeye.”

This is great news in the recent reports of Sony forcing their entertainment divisions to tighten belts due to the company's overall lack-luster financials. While the transformation of a hit movie into a hopeful hit series is the very foundation of MovieLand itself, we're glad to hear of the impending successes coming to members working in the Culver City area.


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Steven Kaplan said...

Would you like your answer in low or high denomination bills?

Unknown said...

There's a good chance that children under 10 will find "Hotel Transylvania" entertaining, because it's as non-threatening as can be and the jokes are obvious. There's an equally good chance that everyone else will wander off . . . :D

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