Tuesday, June 14, 2016

A Box Office Prediction

An entertainment journal reports a forecast:

... Finding Dory is poised to open between $100M-$115M. That three-day opening would make Finding Dory the second best debut this summer after Disney Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War ($179.1M). That Russo Brothers-directed movie is set to cross $400M on Friday, becoming the first title to do so this year.

While Civil War will be the highest grossing live-action film this summer, there’s some camps who believe that Finding Dory could take the crown as the highest grossing title overall for the May-Labor Day 2016 period. ... Even though Finding Dory is tracking slightly better with girls than boys, it’s the highest figures ever seen for a Pixar movie in all demos. ...

Animated features have been on a roll of late, Disney features in particular. If Finding Dory's performance matches predictions, the Mouse will have two back-to-back animated blockbusters.

We must be way below "the cartoons are cannibalizing each other!" metric. Or else we need a lot more animated features released before the cannibalization commences.

And there will be this cute and entertaining short subject:


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