Monday, June 13, 2016

The Nuts and Bolts of 401(k) Plans ... Also Investing

John Oliver explains why investors have to watch what they get charged ... with retirement plans or "financial advisors".

The Guild now has something around 2500 participants in the Animation Guild 401(k) Plan. Over the years, we've hammered down costs until expenses are minimal. (This took awhile).

Mr. Oliver tells how the staff of his own show got kicked in the backside with costs from their own 401(k) Plan, and how because of the high expenses, they left their original provider (John Hancock) and went elsewhere.

Smart thing to do.

But the entire twenty minutes is well worth watching. Investing isn't hard in concept. The difficulties lie in execution. Because participants/investors tend to bail out of investments heading south at exactly the wrong time, thereby locking in money losses and causing themselves heartache and sorrow further down the road.


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