Tuesday, June 28, 2016


So here you are, hand-drawn fans. The behind-the-scenes deal as directed by Ron and John.

John Musker: We were emulating MTV in its heyday and this number was always meant to be this big music video. When we were trying to visualize this I was on a plane, and I was listening to the track and I was watching an NBA highlight reel and hearing the song in my headset and thought, ‘oh we should really do a video where we intercut the great sports exploits of Hercules intercut with a dance number.’ The other really big music video at the time that this was influenced by was C+C Music Factory’s “Things That Make You Go Hmmm.” I had watched that video and broken down how they did it shot by shot, and it was really cool. ...

What makes this different than the usual live-action reference/rotoscope thingie is the music video/NBA mashup.

The directors conceived this music sequence, and then pre-planned and choreographed it. As Mr. Clements says, somewhat similar to the Marge Champion [Belcher] dancing in the rotoscope for Snow White, but considerably more complex (or as Ron says, a "crazier scale")


Unknown said...

Wow! It's pretty sad that even Disney has to alter their own audio on their own video about their own movie, otherwise the video will get taken down!

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