Tuesday, June 14, 2016

The LATEST Remake

Okay, we had an animated remake of an animated original in The Jungle Book. Now we get a live-action with animation remake of a live-action with animation original.

I do believe that the House of Mouse is convinced that it's on to a good thing ...

The first Pete's was shot on the Disney backlot and sound stages, went north along the California coast for some location work, spent a long time in post as most of the animation staff animated the Ken Anderson designed dragon, and got premiered at the Radio City Music Hall in late 1977.

The picture, as I remember, did not set the box office record books afire.

But now, 39 years later, a new iteration of Pete's Dragon is slated for release. The cartoon dragon is out, a sleek CG dragon is in, and we get to see if Diz Co.'s rebooting of another chestnut ... a little more serious, a little less of the singing and dancing ... will mint the company additional box office gold.


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