Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Whaling Along

Finding Dory, continues its winning ways (even though the weekend is over).

After posting the biggest opening of all-time for an animated movie with $135.06M, the 17th Disney/Pixar title [Finding Dory] raked in an estimated $19.9M yesterday according to early morning industry reports.

That figure is easily the best Monday for a Disney/Pixar movie beating 2010’s Toy Story 3‘s $15.6M, and the best Monday in June for a feature toon. Among all animated movies, Dory hooked the second best Monday ever after DreamWorks Animation’s Shrek 2 which cashed in $23.4M on Memorial Day 2004.

Through four days, Finding Dory counts just under $155M at the domestic B.O. The film at 4,305 theaters is the widest Pixar release ever. ...

A lot of experts (so-called) give opinions on "sequelitis", and how sequels don't work so well anymore, and aren't sure-fire money-makers, and blah de blah.

But really. All the sequel of a hit gives you is name-recognition and some marginal "want to see" poker chips that people may or may not cash in. If the sequel underwhelms in the entertainment department (in other words, it reeks), word will rapidly get around and audiences will stay away from the thing in droves.

"Sequelitis" and "cannibalization" (my other favorite one-word explanation about why an animated feature isn't doing well) have little to do with it. The quality of the movie has most everything to do with it. Funny how that works.


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