Thursday, June 16, 2016


As regards le animation, Europe is doing more than giving Free Money away.

Italy is forging closer ties with France in the field of animation production, seeking to tap into the expertise of continental Europe’s leader in this sector and set up some co-productions.

The Rome/Lazio Film Commission has signed a collaboration agreement with prominent French toon production hub Pole Image Magelis, which comprises four studios, 11 schools and a substantial fund.

“France is a leader in this sector — the only European country that can stand up to Hollywood. We have a lot to learn from them,” said Luciano Sovena, president of the Rome/Lazio Film Commission, who brokered the agreement.

Under the pact, Italian animators will be able to acquire French know-how through hands-on experience at Magelis, while the more long-term goal is to set up co-productions with France tapping into incentives in both countries. ...

Italy throwing in with the French makes sense.

France has world-renowned schools training young artists in animation. And it's the only country that goes toe to toe with the U.S. in long-form animation and is actually competitive. Illumination Entertainment has used the Paris studio MacGuff for years, creating the Despicable Me and Minions franchises, earning Universal and IE hundreds of millions of dollars.

In the realm of high-grossing, ninety-minute cartoons, there is France, there is the United States, and that's pretty much it.


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