Wednesday, June 22, 2016

In Case You Missed It ...

... the Feds greenlit the Comcast-DreamWorks Animation merger on Tuesday:

NBCUniversal confirms that the Department of Justice cleared the acquisition of DreamWorks Animation. The $3.8B deal is expected to close within a few months following the regulatory green light.

DreamWorks closed at $40.78 yesterday, still a bit short than the deal price of $41. ...

THe deal will close out toward the end of the year. No legal minds that I talked to believed that the merger would have much trouble going through the regulatory process, although a few members voiced apprehension about it.

Most everybody within earshot who's voiced an opinion believes the marriage between conglomerate and cartoon studio is a positive development, since it stabilizes DWA and insures DreamWorks long-term viability.

NBCUniversal will likely step up development of television and theatrical projects, and exploit DreamWorks Animation's catalogue in the Disney manner.


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