Friday, June 10, 2016

The Latest (Semi) CG Movie

The Mojo tells us:

... Warcraft jumped off to a strong start on Thursday evening, hauling in $3.1 million in late night shows in 2,632 theaters, which began at 7:00 PM. It's a number that immediately causes some second guessing based on early estimates. ...

[The movie] currently carryies a 21% RottenTomatoes rating, so one would expect the anticipated $22-25 million domestic opening weekend for the video game adaptation to be a sign of doom and gloom, and while it's nothing to celebrate, the film's performance internationally so far is quite impressive.

In China, Warcraft has already amassed a record $90+ million bringing the international gross-to-date to $168.8 million. The film is also performing well in Russia, France and Germany with openings in 20 more territories this weekend. ...

The trade press has not been kind, informing us it's a movie designed for nerds:

... “Warcraft” is a movie that assumes you understand all the nerdy concepts it’s pitching you before you watch it. It tosses you headfirst into a world full of hulking CGI green people with vague motivations … and humans with vague motivations … and magic people with vague motivations.

But these motivations are only vague in the movie — the factions and magical concepts and conflict we see in “Warcraft” are well established elsewhere. But if you come into “Warcraft” ignorant of what the Horde or the Alliance or Aezeroth or Fel magic are, you’ll be lost because the movie certainly doesn’t bother to explain them. ...

The Middle Kingdom didn't need long-winded explanations. And it appears that the audience in the U.S. of A. might not need clarity either, because the movie is opening above expectations. So what the hey. Maybe gamers can open a movie, particularly one that they like.


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