Thursday, June 09, 2016

Along Tujunga Avenue

Walking around Walt Disney Animation Studios ... out at the end of the main runway of Bob Hope/Burbank Airport ... everybody was busy working on Moana. ...

Layout is pretty well finished on the picture (at least that's what people in the layout department said), and the animation department has been doing overtime for a couple of months. A veteran of the lighting department related:

... "We haven't gotten into working extra days in the week yet, but we're doing some extra hours and the tempo will be picking up soon. I expect a few months of six day weeks, that's how it usually goes. We're scheduled to be done in the Fall." ...

Moana gets released at Thanksgiving.

I was lucky enough to see some clips and setups on different flat screens. The visuals are out-freaking-standing. I don't know how they capture tropical skies and tropical sunlight so well, but they do it with style.

Most every sequence, I'm told, is into production. And Dwayne Johnson, being a busy guy, records from wherever he happens to be. In the recent past, that allegedly was Miami, located in Florida. No dull Burbank recording stage for the Rock!


Unknown said...

Dis you happen to see/hear anything new for Gigantic?

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