Saturday, June 25, 2016

Free Money In Central Europe

The ubiquity of subsidies for movie work crops up everywhere.

A long tradition of animation, along with high-tech visual effects and post-production sectors, has helped solidify the [Czech Republic's] place as a cinematic hub in the center of Europe.

As with production, the Czech vfx and post industries have benefited from the country’s film incentive program, which continues to lure major film and TV projects. “International productions in the Czech Republic are very dependent on rebates and subsidies,” says Vit Komrzy, managing director of Prague-based Universal Production Partners (UPP), the country’s leading post-production and vfx house.

UPP has handled vfx services for such recent shows as the FX series “Tyrant,” BBC’s “The Musketeers,” and Netflix’s “Marco Polo” while also continuing to work on major studio films such as “Gods of Egypt” and Robert Zemeckis’ “The Walk.” ...

Anyone who does't think governments around the globe won't continue to throw cash at movie producers of every size and stripe haven't been paying attention.

France does it. Britain does it. Canada does it. Various states in the U.S. of A. make a regular practice of handing out generous amounts of dollars.

From time to time, taxpayers n various locales get tired of shoveling greenbacks into the mouths of hungry conglomerates, and stop the practice. When that happens, the reaction of production companies is instantaneous: they pick up their ball and carry it off to cities, counties and whole countries willing to hand over cash in exchange for their august presence(s).

There's always somebody happy to fork over. Long live free enterprise!


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