Saturday, June 04, 2016

Back In 1938 ...

... On this date. President Emeritus Sito says:

June 4, 1938- Date of the famous Walt Disney Studio crew party at the Hotel Norconian to celebrate the success of Snow White.

The young single artists (average age 26), released of tension and filled with booze, swapped bedrooms and galloped horses through the Hotel hallways, sending Walt and Roy fleeing the scene for fear of bad publicity.

Walt picked the rural resort because when he first held a party at the studio, the animators trashed the place. One drunkenly fell out of a window (it was a first floor window). ...

Mr. Sito adds:

The story about Walt and Roy and their wives backing away from the wild goings-on were confirmed to me by Maurice Noble. He said he stood at the top of the main staircase and saw them. Maurice also said someone drunkenly galloped on a horse through the second floor hallways.

People knew how to party back then!

There were still a few old-timers around Walt Disney Productions in the 1970s who would admit to being at the Snow White party, but they would offer up few details.

More photographs of the wild, alcohol-saturated weekend here.


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