Friday, June 03, 2016

Breaking Away From the Mouse

When you win an Academy Award, your life changes.

“Pearl” is the latest animated short from animator and director Patrick Osborne (Disney’s “Feast”). It follows the relationship of a father and his daughter throughout the years as they pursue their musical dreams, and it’s all set inside a hatchback [in virtual reality]. ...

When you go out with a film like ‘Feast’, the doors do sort of open up,” Osborne said. “It’s the jump into the world of feature film development where nothing is a guarantee. It’s really fun to be a part of that world, but in the meantime, I wanted to be doing some of these other shorts again to hone my skills and to keep making things while the features get off the ground.” ...

Osborne isn’t working under Walt Disney Animation Studios as an animator anymore since he’s busy working on projects for Fox, Paramount and ABC. He reveals how his life has changed.

“It’s very different. At Disney I was the head of their animation department. I was used to having a lot of people around me all the time. Now I am mostly by myself all day,” Osborne laughs. “Most of my days now are spent hanging out with one of the writers on one of the two projects or traveling around to do publicity for stuff like ‘Pearl’, or I’m doing a television show on ABC for next season… It’s a live-action show, so I have to go to Vancouver in a couple of weeks to start working on that. Your life becomes a lot more scattered. ...

It's good to see Mr. Osborne branching out. The easy course would have been to stay in Diz Co.'s warm and semi-smothering embrace. But he's traveling a new and different road, taking chances.

That's a gutsy thing to do. Many people only go to a new job when they're thrown off the old one.


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