Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Who Knew?

Per a fine journal on the interwebs:

The Sequel Jerry Seinfeld Says Everyone Wants Him To Do

... Jerry Seinfeld revealed that there’s an incredible demand online for him to make a sequel to 2007’s Bee Movie:

There's a fantastic energy now for some reason, on the Internet particularly. Tumblr, people brought my attention to. I actually did consider it, but then I realized it would make Bee Movie 1 less iconic. But my kids want me to do it; a lot of people want me to do it. A lot of people that don't know what animation is want me to do it. If you have any idea what animation is, you'd never do it. ...

I'm not totally sure how sky-high the demand for Bee Movie 2 actually is. Because let's face it: Bee Movie Uno did not exactly set the world box office afire. The DreamWorks production made a mere $287,594,577 around the globe during its late 2007 release.

And I'm not sure how much of an icon Jerry's animated opus turned out to be. It was underloved by the critics, and DreamWorks staffers at the time related that they didn't find Jerry to be the easiest or kindest of collaborators.

But so what if somebody's bristly? Or a bit brusque? If the picture turns out well, it doesn't matter, right?

Sadly, Bee Movie was one of DWA's lesser films during its run of hits. From what the crew related, Mr. Seinfeld learned a lot about what works in animation and what doesn't during the making of the movie. But by the time he got educated, most of the picture was done.

Me, I think a second Jerry Seinfeld animated feature would be superior to the first, because Mr. S. is a smart man who learns from his missteps. But it doesn't sound like the man has much interest in spending 2-3 years of his life making a second animated movie.


David said...

"Bee Movie 2: Jerry's Fantasy ".

The best line is : "I actually did consider it, but then I realized it would make Bee Movie 1 less iconic."

Does he really think Bee Movie has "iconic" status ? (iconic of what , exactly ?)

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