Wednesday, June 15, 2016

French Socialism

One more factoid in a continuing series:

A major overhaul of the French support system for TV animation – including an upgrade to the CNC’s automatic subsidy support system and a new 25% tax rebate for TV production – has encouraged a clutch of Gallic animation producers to open new production studios in France.

The dynamic cluster of French independent animation producers are also increasingly attracting partnerships and investors from Hollywood and Asia, a trend that began in film, with joint ventures such as Universal’s Illumination Mac Guff, launched in 2011, and which is now extending to TV animation.

To date, such team-ups have been agreed on a project-by-project basis – such as TeamTO’s production of series “Sofia The First,” for Disney Television Animation, supported by France’s Tax Rebate for International Production, a tax rebate scheme for foreign movies or TV series made in France. ...

In the middle of another political season, we hear lots of yammering about "the evils of socialism!" (You know, precious tax-payer money being paid to various undeserving deadbeats, who suckle at the government teat. "Welfare queens").

Of course, nobody is ever going to talk about our fine, international conglomerates, that never met a cash handout they didn't like, as "welfare queens," but that's what they are. Welfare queens with leverage.

Disney and Warners and all the rest of the big entertainment companies can go to Canada or France or the United Kingdom for their baskets of Free Money, they just have to sort out which bed partner they like the best, then smile pretty with a come-hither look. And the dollars, francs and pound notes will flutter down on them like the white flakes of a Christmastime snowfall.

Nice brand of socialism, wouldn't you say?


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