Wednesday, August 14, 2013

At DisneyToon Studios

Lots of big visuals for Planes in the spacious lobby of DisneyToon Studios on Sonora. There's a number of recent DreamWorks Animation employees peopling the halls and cubicles, and they're happy to be working ....

At least a couple of Tinkerbell features are in work. And there are two new installments of Planes on various Cintiqs.

There's also a bunch of new shorts being done, so there are short subjects in production at every division of Disney.(Features just now has Get a Horse, Disney TVA is producing a series of edgy-yet-retro Mickey shorts, and DisneyToon Studios has got a batch in work.)

There's lots of projects in the DisneyToon pipeline, and it isn't all slated for little silver disks. Per Mr. Lasseter:

Disneytoon Studios was started a number of years ago to feed into the direct-to-video market, but as the home video sales have continued to decrease rapidly we are looking at the evolution of the studio going more theatrical. ...

I gather this means that DTS will be the low-cost Disney cousin that releases films to support clothes, games and small plastic toys.


N/A said...

Why are they making more Tinkerbell movies? Weren't they supposed to stop at 4 movies, one for each season? They just announced two more.

Do you know how many Tinkerbell movies they're planning on producing in total? Have they set a specific number?

Steve Hulett said...

The number has gone up and down. Originally it was going to be 7-9 (as I recall), then, when Richard Ross was -- briefly -- king of the lot, it got dialed back to 4 or 5.

Now, I think it's back to the higher number. A staffer told me over a year ago that they sell a few million units of each one, but that number may be going down now.

Sadly, I don't keep up on all my DisneyToon stats.

N/A said...
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