Thursday, August 15, 2013

SAG-AFTRA Landslide

A happy day for the incumbent.

Ken Howard made history Thursday, defeating Esai Morales to become president of a combined SAG-AFTRA in the first national election since Hollywood’s two largest labor unions merged last year.

Ballots for the national officers election were mailed to 139,967 eligible voters on July 16, and 28,755 were returned by Thursday's deadline, for a return of 20.5 percent.

Howard received 16,396 votes, with Esai Morales receiving 9,850 votes, Paul Edney receiving 1,359 votes and Marilyn Monrovia receiving 960 votes. In the election for secretary-treasurer, Howard's running mate Amy Aquino was elected with 17,590 votes and Jane Austin, Morales' running mate, received 10,662 votes. ...

20.5 percent. Sort of like an off-year election. (But actually, that's about what union elections usually do, somewhere between 19%-25%. That's been the Animation Guild's percentage returns over the time I've been here, so nothing has really changed.)


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