Friday, August 09, 2013

Geek Fest

For the fans, the alliterative Brad Brevet cobbles together a festival of animation previews from Diz Co. ...

It's all good, innit?

Add On: Since we're on the subject of Disney, I was disheartened to see this:

Star Wars is unlikely to spawn an animated movie from Pixar, according to Disney animation chief John Lasseter. ...

Asked whether he saw any potential for such an animated project, he told Entertainment Weekly: "Not really, other than Pixar has always used Skywalker Sound for all of our productions. They're the best so we'll always continue using them and we're very good friends. And we always have been with [special effects house Industrial Light and Magic] as well. ...

This statement from John L. really kicked a hole in my life. Because if there's one thing that would be, you know, really cool, it's if some animation studio would step up and do some animated Star Wars stuff.

Because we've never seen anything with animated Star Wars material anywhere. I mean, even if somebody would do like, a spoof or goof on Star Wars, that would be neat.

Ah well, maybe someday.


-hoops said...

Unless this is snark ....i guess you've never seen Ewoks and Droids or the Clone Wars.

Steve Hulett said...

It's snark. Robot Chicken, Phineas and Ferb, Family Guy, Clone Wars, etc. etc.

The cartoon angle of Wars has been done to death.

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