Thursday, August 01, 2013

Seth M. With the Live-Action

Per Deadline:

Fox may have a multi-cam comedy hit on its hands in Dads, judging by the thwapping TV critics gave it today at Summer TV Press Tour 2013. It was the kind of brawl the tour hasn’t seen since the 2 Broke Girls Q&A back in that sitcom’s first season – and we all know what a hit that show’s turned out to be. ...

Seth MacFarlane has been regularly under-estimated by studio execs. Fox passed on Ted, and thereby missed one of the largest theatrical comedy hits of all time.

Whether they had doubts about Seth's live-action sitcom, they ain't saying. But there were careful not to let the show slip away to some other conglomerate. Shouldn't take long to find out if this goes over with the public or not.


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