Thursday, August 29, 2013


This is smart thinking.

"Jake and the Never Land Pirates: Never Land Rescue" will premiere Sept. 29 on Disney Channel and Disney Junior, marking the first appearance of Tinker Bell in Disney Junior's "Jake and the Never Land Pirates" series. ...

When you're a big conglomerate looking for cross-pollination, looking for SYNERGY!, you take James M. Barrie's characters and use them as you will.

Tink doesn't talk? She now talks. Tink is CG, then hand-drawn. If she doesn't look exactly like other Tinks, so what? She's got the wings, the blonde hair, the little green outfit.

So she's good.

The idea, boys and girls, is to get the pre-Ks to know and love Tink, then get the tweeners to hone in on the CG direct-to-video product, then (if the tweeners turn into film geeks) get them to look at the 1953 movie.

It's all good, it's all seamless, it's all in the pursuit of God, Country and higher profit margins.


Christopher Sobieniak said...

It's a shame we don't have a TV tradition like "The Wonderful World of Disney" to start the Tink love off at.

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