Wednesday, August 28, 2013

DWA Walk Throughs

I was surprised today on DreamWorks Animation's Glendale campus. A group of employees was on hand for the 401(K) enrollment meeting, ready to sign up for the Plan. Last time around, in the midst of the big layoffs, there was practically nobody, so today I was thinking: Hey now. Artists with some confidence in their longer term prospects with DreamWorks. All riight.

Up in the Lakeside building, there are more empty cubicles but still work on Mr. Peabody and Sherman, How to Train Your Dragon 2 and others. Layoffs, however, still go on.

Meanwhile, the newer TV animation division is ramping up and enjoying some success ...

The first season of DreamWorks Dragons: Riders of Berk, premiered on Cartoon Network last September and quickly became a ratings success. On average, season one's premieres ranked #1 in their timeslot among key boys 2-14 versus all other TV networks, according to Nielsen Media Research. ...

Over at DWA TV's Ventura Boulevard studio, most of the work on Season 2 Dragons has wrapped, but a staffer said they're hopeful of getting a third season order. I asked if the unit was going to remain on Ventura Boulevard in mid-Valley, or if they were going to take the moveable feast to Glendale. The staffer wasn't sure. "Won't happen before the start of next year, wherever we are."

I asked if anybody knew where the new television facility was going to be, and was told it was in a high rise on Brand Boulevard south of the 134 freeway. That narrows it down only a little, since there are a lot of high rises south of the 134 on Brand Boulevard.

I was also told that nobody has moved over there yet, but I ran into a producer/director from another t.v. animation studio who's joining DWA t.v. (He was at the Ventura studio for a production meeting. Since he's fairly high profile, I was surprised he was leaving his long-time gig. But I guess DWA is going after established, higher end talent.)


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