Thursday, August 01, 2013

Smurf's B.O.

It smells fresh and green.

Smurfs 2's first day trends show a big +62% jump from the original in Korea where Thursday’s gross was $529K. With previews that puts Smurfs 2 at $832K which means it’s headed for $3.2M-$3.5M this weekend. Germany also had a strong first day with $900K and a big #1 (double the box office of the #2 film Wolverine) although “market conditions” are cited as the reason why this is surprisingly -32% off the take for Smurfs 1. But the sequel is bettering market share (31% vs. 28%). ...

It'll end up grossing north of half a billion. And we'll be on our way to (at least) three more movies.
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