Sunday, August 04, 2013

Global Animated Box Office

There's lots of animation out in the wider world.

Weekend's International Box Office -- (Grand Global Accumulation)

Smurfs 2 -- $52,500,000 -- ($80,260,871)

Despicable Me 2 -- 13,800,000 -- ($713,668,145)

Monsters University -- $11,400,000 -- ($613,497,000)

Turbo -- $6,900,000 -- ($126,178,643) ...

One of our fine trade papers said that a partially animated feature opened big in the Middle Kingdom:

Pacific Rim soared to a $45.2 million debut in China, marking the biggest opening of all time for a Warner Bros. title and the sixth-biggest debut of all time for any Hollywood movie. ...

Rim narrowly beat the $52.5 million opening of Sony's The Smurfs 2, although that film is only playing in 42 markets. ...

Apparently there is a little trouble in China just now because the China Film Group has been holding back box office receipts due to an argument over who gets to pay a new value-added tax.

Per the Reporter, our fine entertainment conglomerates are still providing new product to Chinese markets, but still they don't get paid. Anybody want to guess who ultimately wins the argument about tax payments?

(Don't think it's going to be Hollywood.)


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