Friday, August 02, 2013

Close But No Cigar

So says Jeffrey K.

The Dreamworks Animation CEO attributes his movie’s problems to an “oversaturated marketplace” as the release was overwhelmed by family friendly competition. “We hit a perfect storm here,” Jeffrey Katzenberg told analysts in a call to discuss Q2 earnings. The release on July 17 “was just a bad date.”

This summer included 50% more tentpole releases than in the same period last year, he says. What’s more, “we’ve seen more animation this summer by about 100% than we’ve ever seen before.” That “caused us to fall short of our expectations.” But he says that Turbo ”will be profitable” after Q3. ...

It's quite true there is a crowded field. Turbo is also not a sequel. But did the lead character discourage anyone from seeing the movie? (Overseas, apparently not so much.)


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