Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Mostly Meh

Disney earnings are ho hum.

Marketing costs for "The Lone Ranger" pulled down film earnings, but the full impact of that flop won't be felt until its fourth fiscal quarter

... Little change in Disney's third-quarter earnings, as the strong performance of ESPN and the company's theme parks division were stymied by the weaker performance of the company's film studio.

Disney reported quarterly revenue of $11.58 billion, a slight increase from a year ago but below what analysts projected, and earnings per share of $1.01, flat from a year ago and precisely what analysts expected. ...

No wonder earnings are "flat." Iron Man 3 does gangbusters, but then the masked man and his native American companion underwhelm the box office. Ying and yang. Happily, amusement parks and sports networks aid the bottom line.


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