Thursday, July 19, 2012

At Fox Animation

My morning was spent at the Fox Animation studio on Wilshire ... on a sunny, hot day ...

The unit that is going full speed right now is Family Guy, with a spate of shows in various phases of work.

American Dad has gotten a renewal (and an Emmy nomination!), but most of the crew is off. I'm told that the first table read of a new script happens next week, and that designers will be coming back in the near future. But a lot of cubicles are without artists, and the ramp up we'll take awhile. One staffer told me:

Some people will be off for a few weeks, others for several months. Depends on where they are in the production cycle ...

There are also a lot of empty spaces in the Cleveland Show unit. A lot of the storyboard artists are gone, others will exit in the next month or two. Nobody I talked to expect the series to get a new-season pickup, but nobody has been informed that the show is "officially" off the schedule.

I'm informed that there are projects in development but nothing new ready to launch into series (and nothing I'm going to babble about.)


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