Sunday, July 08, 2012

Mega Weems #2

Dick Huemer worked at Disney for some forty years (1933-1973) with a three-year break in the late forties. He famously collaborated with Joe Grant on the story of Dumbo, but by then he was an old pro, having entered the animation business in 1916, and worked in almost every corner of the industry (animator, writer, director, story artist) from the teens to the seventies. ...

Mega Collector came into ownership of Huemer's Weems' drawings and infers from existing evidence they were part of a D.H. story pitch made to Walt when the Reluctant Dragon feature was in early development.

Animation legend Grim Natwick said of Huemer:

"He was one of the artists who helped build the early framework of animation. He was a wise and witty man, a droll man who, in a quiet way, pulled rugs from under pompous and false heroes, transformed giants into pygmies and inauspiciously extracted the teeth from snarling paper lions. He was with animation through all its growing pains. Whatever animation became, he helped to shape it, drawing by drawing, idea by idea."

Whatever the actual story of how Baby Weems came to be, we can all be grateful and glad that Mr. Collector is sharing Dick Huemer's sketches with us now.


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