Monday, July 23, 2012

http:// -> https://

In a recent discussion over the wage survey and its new online component, DreamWorks' shop steward, Brock Stearn, expressed his concern over the survey pages not transmitting securely. He suggested that the Guild should make those pages available over a SSL connection. So, we did.

After the installation of the certificate and some wrestling with our service provider, all pages that ask for user input will be viewed through our newly acquired SSL certificate. This includes the 2012 Wage Survey as well as the Email List Request page.

There is currently an error that is being shown when visiting the pages. This error indicates that some of the page elements we load through the standard page template are still being drawn outside the certificate. We are working on fixing that now. However, be assured that the email list and wage survey submissions are secured.


Steven Kaplan said...

The error has been rectified. All https:// pages are fully secured and the lock logo is now being shown.

Nathan said...

Just so we are all clear, understand that connecting to https:// pages from work is NOT secure. Employers can, and do, monitor traffic to and from their machines. They are legally entitled to monitor your screen and keystrokes, and they can read traffic even if it is going over HTTPS.

If you want to connect securely, use your own device such as a smartphone.

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