Monday, July 02, 2012

DVD Sales Might Be Down, But ...

There is lots of synergy elsewhere:

... Along with toys, stuffed animals and other items, there will be a new video game from Activision Publishing, including Ice Age: Continental Drift - Arctic Games, which can be played on Wii, Nintendo DS and Kinect.

“Video games and film have an organic connection,” says Fox’s president of consumer products Jeffrey Godsick. ...

The first three Ice Age movies have grossed almost $570 million at the domestic box office and almost $2 billion worldwide. Fox estimates the value of the sale of movie tickets, home video and merchandise from the franchise at more than $4 billion.

For those keeping score at home, animated titles have been providing Hollywood conglomerates with the highest profit margins of any kind of theatrical entertainment. Which might explain why more and more studios are piling into the field.

While sales of the little silver disks continue to decline, animation still holds up better in DVD land than live-action. If our fine international conglomerates can just find a way to shut down those Russian web sites dedicated to streaming their product, they'll be able to goose their cash flows in an even more robust way.

In the meanwhile, they've got the stuffed animals, video games, and plastic figurines.


Josh Bowman said...

Damn those Russians they're....moving with the times, unlike Hollywood.

Chris Sobieniak said...

Speaking of moving with the times, I do miss the "Animation Guild" logo that use to be here until they brought the old one back.

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