Thursday, July 19, 2012

Stupid Question

The question is asked:

"Is Pixar Going Sequel Crazy?" ...

And the answer -- in question form -- is:

What the hell are these people talking about?

Hollywood (the generic Hollywood) makes sequels. Always has, always will.

Douglas Fairbanks Sr. made sequels. Charlie Chaplin made sequels. (The Little Tramp over and over again. Those were SEQUELS.)

Walt Disney said he didn't like to do sequels, and then did sequels. Cartoon sequels (The Three Little Wolves.) Live-action sequels. (The Son of Flubber.) Amusement park sequels (The Magic Kingdom, Florida.)

And in the modern age, Jeffrey Katzenberg, George Lucas, Stephen Spielberg, and John Lasseter have done sequels. In case these fools haven't noticed, sequels make lots and lots of money. And that's what Tinsel Town is about.

Money. Profits. The Long Green.

The writers of stupid questions really need to grow the f*ck up.


Floyd Norman said...

Next, a sequel to this blog post.

Justin said...

I posted this on another blog... Of the top 30 highest grossing movies worldwide, only 5 of them are "original" movies (not a sequel or based on a book). And I'm counting Titanic in that 5 which is based on a historical event.

Anonymous said...

jester: Everybody has made sequels before. It's okay, everything what pixar makes is never a boner to me.

Cassidy Curtis said...

This sounds like a clear case of Betteridge's Law of Headlines: any headline that ends with a question mark can be answered by the word "no".

Nathan said...

To be fair, Pixar used to have a powerful disincentive to make sequels, under the old Disney contract. Nowadays they have no such restriction, so they follow in the usual footsteps.

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