Friday, July 13, 2012

To Sony?

The local paper says that DreamWorks Animation is teaming with the studio in Culver City.

DreamWorks Animation has decided not to distribute its own films after its longtime deal with Paramount Pictures expires this fall, and it may strike a new pact with Sony Pictures, according to people close to the negotiations not authorized to speak publicly.

The Glendale-based studio behind the “Shrek” and “Kung Fu Panda” movies must find a new distribution partner quickly. Its last film under the Paramount deal, “Rise of the Guardians," hits theaters on Nov. 12.

The publicly held DreamWorks does not yet have a distributor for “The Croods,” set to come out in March, and for "Turbo," scheduled for next July. It typically takes many months to coordinate the release of an animated film, because the genre attracts a variety of promotional and merchandise partners. ...

Disney has two theatrical animation studios that it distributes. So (I guess) why not Sony?

Of course, this raises the question about where the Sony Pictures Animation/Imageworks product is going to end up on the release schedule. Hotel Transylvania will roll out while DWA is still releasing through Paramount. But what about Popeye? And all the animated features to come?


Anonymous said...

jester:All in the family affair.

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