Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Wage Survey Progress

We mailed the paper version of the wage survey on Friday, and have started to get a stream of the forms back ...

To date, we have twice as many returned digital forms (they went out earlier), but both surveys have been climbing in numbers. Right now we have a 4.5% return rate, and we're looking (hoping? praying?) for a 40% rate.

Last year, the total percentage was 23.2%, so maybe it's a steep hill to climb, but we're ever hopeful. (Keep in mind that different categories have historically owned different response percentages. Some have been as high as 40%, but others have been -- sadly -- close to zero.)

Our intention is to keep pushing for returns; to that end we are having shop stewards help out. Beyond that, I will be wandering through studios chatting people up, urging them to fill out the survey. (I will even have the forms and pre-paid envelopes with me, such a deal.)

When the survey wraps up, we will publish the results here and on the website, also get it out to media outlets. The bigger distribution the better, we say.

(You can look at the 2011 and 2010 survey results right here.)


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