Friday, July 20, 2012

New Facility

DreamWorks Animation/Pacific Data Images is in construction mode:

DreamWorks Animation is bulking up its Northern California studio.

The Glendale-based company ... on Thursday unveiled a new 200,000-square-foot headquarters for its PDI animation facility in Redwood City.

The new campus overlooking San Francisco Bay is one-third larger than the previous one (at the same location) and has an on-site clinic for a doctor's office and nutritionist, a larger cafe and more outdoor space with gas heaters "to permit hanging outside year-round." It also has a giant topiary of the company's Moonboy, just like in Glendale. ...

It also has, per DWA staff that I've talked to, lower wages for production staff than on the Glendale campus, but higher salaries for Research and Development/corporate employees.

The Classic Cynics among us might say that the union contract for production employees in Glendale could be the reason for the differences in pay. But that would be wrong ... and cynical. Wouldn't it?

(Must be the lower living costs in the Bay Area. ...)


Floyd Norman said...

The cost of living in San Francisco shouldn't be a problem. I doubt they'll even have time to go home anyway.

Anonymous said...

What's the latest on PDI joining the union with the rest of the studio? Is there any movement from there? Have members from DW talked to their coworkers about joining?

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